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Het Geleerde Netwerk

author(s):Jimmy , Charlotte Guy


Het Geleerde Netwerk is comprised of 5 of different activity centers, each focussed on design and fabrication technology. Situated across from the RDM campus in Rotterdam, Het Geleerde Netwerk will primarily provide for students, but also tourists and locals with an interest in the design world. Het Geleerde Netwerk is made up of a public reading room, a library, a bookshop (all focussing on design and fabrication publications) a bar and an open exhibition space dedicated to showcasing student works. The circulation throughout the project will be landscaped to provide the site with much needed vegetation. The project will also be connected to land, water and other developments (namely Reizende Drijvende Markt, Rejuvenative Sandwich and The Knowledge Centre) via the landscaped arms and will ultimately create an undetermined urban green zone for everyone to enjoy. These arms provide the project with the opportunity to expand and contract as future needs change and the site develops.


Reizende Drijvende Markt

The Knowledge Centre

Rejuvenative Sandwich



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