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16 20130116 Sektion.jpg


author(s):Pedram Seddighzadeh


The CAVE is the center piece of the Island of Learn and Play. The goal of the project is to introduce new ways of looking at building, living and being for its visitors. And that way inspire to a change.

This is done by shifting the visitors attention to the power of mass customization.The project is made possible through crowd funding by companies and people. In return the funders are awarded a QR-code on the facade as well as an exhibition space on the inside of the main building enabling them to exhibit their ideas for the future physically and virtually

The result is wooden structures fabricated and assembled on site. Each building block is unique and always has multiple purposes. They are structure, furniture and ornament at the same time.


Open House , Continuality, Ez RDM, Connecting Dots , Transport Hub

16 20130117 Perspective QR.jpg

16 20130118 InteractionDiagram.jpg

20130114 Render MainBuildinf Foyer 1.jpg

16 20130118 Plan.jpg

16 20130114 Render DivingTower Persp 2.jpg

16 20130118 Fabrication.jpg

16 20130115 StructureExploded.jpg

20130116 Structure Detail 1.jpg

16 20130118 2D Detial.jpg


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