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author(s):Mitchel Verkuijlen


In 2009 the RDM was formed into the RDM campus, a place where research, design and manufacturing take place. It became a success and after the College of Rotterdam established more companies were interested and settle there. Looking at the RDM as a campus it became a success, but in a wider perspective the place became an enclave and lost the connection with the village of Heijplaat.

The next step in the development is the reRDM an ongoing project consisting 25 architectural designs. The 25 interventions are different in nature but relay direct or indirect on people from outside the RDM campus. To increase the right conditions for further development 3000 people will be added to the surrounding. This addition creates the need for more than just education activities. The project Vfood Restaurant responds on those needs in the form of a restaurant. The Vfood Restaurant also attempts to re-establish the relation with the village of Heijplaat and make it more attractive during the evening.

The fact that the area is secluded is reflecting in the Vfood Restaurant. Above the restaurant urban farming is providing the goods for the restaurant. This makes the restaurant less depending and brings the ingredients closer to the people.


Impressie11 22.jpg

Impressie central hall 22.jpg

Impressie1 restaurant22.jpg

Impressie3 urbanfarming22.jpg

Impressie5 foyer22.jpg

Render3 22.jpg


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