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Connecting Dots

the weaving forest

author(s):Evita Pronk & Nina Verkerk


Connecting Dots is an information center facilitating the exchange of information in an unusual and innovative way. As a response to the new master plan for the RDM, which incorporates many new organizations, projects and activities, the center represents each as Connecting Dots.

The information center is strategically placed at a central location near the Transporthub. With an engaging audio/visual display, passing individuals are quickly engaged into an intuitive demonstration that explains the offerings of the RDM and future events and activities. By using interactive devices visitors can give feedback about the RDM area or individual organizations, and request additional information directly from these groups. This information is used to create an ‘evergreen’ environment where the RDM area continues to advance and stay connected with their audience.

Connecting Dots. Connecting organizations. Connecting people.



Transport Hub,



View from the water

Interaction by exchanging ideas and information

The new improved RDM area

User diagram

Connections with surrounding projects

Section of Connection Dots through the InfoExchange and sustainability exposition

Ground floor: public route from Learn&Play to CD's InfoExchange and further


First floor: public route from Learn&Play to CD's ICDubo and further

Upperfloor, public route about Sustainability

View from the water


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