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Water Morphs concept 1.jpg

Water Morphs

author(s):Mallika Arora


Today’s magic as tomorrow’s innovation ? A somewhat forgotten, carelessly positioned ship anchor at the dock, suggests a deep significance for the site. It almost says everything that needs to be said about the people, objects and buildings; their history, transformation and future potential/direction. It's existence is testimony to the fact that this was historically a hub of intense economic activity, employment and growth. The fact that it now lays rusting, shows that ship-building/docking is abandoned/steadily-coming-to-an-end here and the nature of the 'economic' activity must change, both to 'merely sustain' the area; and obviously offer chances for growth. The RDM campus fills in with a most befitting business plan - Research/Design/Manufacture through industry-education partnerships. But in mere magnitude, it needs to expand; have more institutions and companies get involved, add start-ups, offer more space for them to take off once they're on their own. The anchor, metaphorically still retains its relevance, for such an enterprise will always need extensive transport. Within this context of a research oriented, technology driven, ‘futuristic’ set-up, one pushes its boundaries to the extreme to start looking at the parallel sciences (BioGeometry, Radiesthesia, Tarot, Acupuncture, Reiki, numerology, Parapsychology, Pyravastu, Music Therapy, Color Therapy, Witchcraft) as technology, science and innovation. This resonates deeply with Fritjof Capra’s writings on the parallels between mysticism (primarily eastern) and modern physics, and with some of my own intuitive beliefs on how everything in animate or inanimate nature; in material and immaterial existence can be explained on the basis of mathematical rules and physical principles. Because "what cannot be measured, is a limitation in our measurement" ! Such a project, since will always provoke a strong reaction, negative or positive and never remain unacknowledged, may be a great stimulant for the site's redevelopment.


Babel Tower

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