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author(s):Marvin Valk

The RDM-area in Rotterdam will be filled with 25 new parametrical buildings. The resulting high-end architecture will attract tourists from all over the world. Because most tourist don't have a house near Rotterdam, they need a hotel to rest. That's why a hotel is needed in the RDM.

Veni-Vidi stands for He came-He saw in Latin. The tourists come to see the RDM after all. Instead of a conventional hotel room, mostly without a good view on the environment, the Veni-Vidi hotelrooms are able to float around and show all the parametric designs from a close distance. Have breakfast or diner and take your time enjoying the rich amount of detail, that the RDM has to offer. Wake up near the lively cave, after enjoying a trip to the theatre the day before.

The reason for this donutshaped capsules is simple. A rounded glass ceilling overpowers the framing quality of a normal window. You can see a lot more. Unfortunatly everybody can also see you to, but you can always close the sails, when you want privacy.

The sails react to the sun as well, they close when the solar radiation is high. But don't think that you are completely blinded. The Veni-Vidi hotel spins around, so when your room is not facing the sun, the blinds can still be completely open.

A hotel needs a central place, where people can gather, sit, book, drink, pay and store their luggage. Those activities take place in the VFood-restaurant. Within the VFood restaurant the style of the restaurant, voronoi, clashes with the style of the Veni-Vidi hotel. This leads to interesting unique spots. Take a look at the foyer and service desk for example.




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