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Project 18 Park square +1 v3 v2.jpg


author(s):Oguzhan Atrek


The desired effect of this project is to bring the connection back between the RDM and the village. There is no strong connection anymore between the two areas, which was completely different in the past. In order to achieve this connection once again, the design includes green landscape, public spaces and more importantly, routing that connects several projects with each other.

What has this project to offer?

1. Solidarity. Connecting several projects with each other. While connecting it also organizes the island, giving the island a structure.

2. Landscape. This project offers a new, refreshing approach to this area. It adds life and colour to the site which will increase the experience of the whole RDM area.

3. Energy. The landscape will support the idea of Learn and Play. In this context, there are sustainable systems applied on the landscape, making the project an important part of the Learn and Play cluster.


The Wave Phenomena


Open House

Welcome to the Cave

The Fifth Season

Transport Hub


Project 18 Overview connections v4.jpg

Project 18 Access 2.jpg

Project 18 Skate park v2.jpg

Project 18 Main structure v2.jpg

Project 18 Cave structure exploded view.jpg

Project 18 Detail 4 v2.jpg




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