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'Easy RDM' ( How to make it easier to let pelople know about this place? )

author(s):Jiun Yu


The context of RDM campus area is quite interesting. This is because although it's previous function has been changed from shipyard to university, it's attributes continues in terms of industrial spot. If this area can constantly develops as an emerging industrial hot spot, which provides cooperative researches of Industry-University relation, it will be a new driving force of economic and social development in Rotterdam.

When considering this, RDM area should be dealed with a more tactical point of view, as an industrisal center of sustainable redevelopment. However, currently the area is lack of facilities to support these promising development. Thus, to accelerate this advancement, a welcoming and explaining place for the visitors who can be latent investors are required.

Project12 history01.jpgProject12 history02.jpgProject12 history03.jpgProject12 history04.jpg

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